[webkit-qt] start render page after loading all page elements

andy wang wandy817 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 07:40:05 PDT 2012

I want to render one page after loading its all elements. Now, the qtwebkit
the elements while rendering, I want to change this behavior. In my
I have qt4.8+directfb, and all data include webpage will be rendered by
directfb plugin of
qt to directfb. And I  tried to receive the loadStarted and loadFinished
signal of mainframe,
and disable flip window surface to screen when receive loadStarted signal,
and enable flip
window surface to screen when receive loadFinished. The detail as follows:

connect(mainframe, SIGNAL(loadStarted()), this, SLOT(slotLoadStarted()));
 connect(mainframe, SIGNAL(loadFinished()), this, SLOT(slotLoadFinished()));

void slotLoadStarted()
 //disable rendering in qtdirectfb level

void slotLoadFinished()
// enable rendering in qtdirectfb level
// and refresh whole window surface

But this solution is not successful, because the loadFinished signal is not
means all elements
have been drawed to the window surface, so refresh window surface to
primary surface only  push
part  data to screen.

So how can I render whole webpage after loading all its elements. Does
qtwebkit provide the API or
signal? Or how can I modified the source code of qtwebkit to  reach this

I don't know if it's proper to ask question here. But I read the qtwebkit
code and at last I don't find how to
achieve this goal.
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