[webkit-qt] webkit2, v8, diplomacy

Jocelyn Turcotte jocelyn.turcotte at nokia.com
Tue Jun 5 08:18:50 PDT 2012


On Tue, 5 Jun 2012 14:53:19 +0200
ext Balazs Kelemen <kbalazs at webkit.org> wrote:

> Anyway, I would not like to make the false illusion that pushing these 
> patches will solve every problem and just save memory. In fact, in order 
> to get the desired benefit we have to solve other issues:
>      - using the same copy of v8 (fork) in declarative and webkit. this 
> is tricky because webkit needs the most up-to-date v8 version

I think that we should try solving this problem in order to know if we have to convince the community in the first place.

Since Google is controlling which version of V8 are the bindings in WebCore compatible with, it is unlikely that we can keep QtWebKit trunk compiling with the version in qtjsbackend. If we want to make it possible we might have to update WebCore bindings later, in release branches, anyway and continue using JSC on trunk.

Or is there any other option?


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