[webkit-qt] About WebGL status within QtWebKit

rtakacs at inf.u-szeged.hu rtakacs at inf.u-szeged.hu
Thu Jul 12 04:46:29 PDT 2012


I have a built WebKit with qt-4.8.0. To check how WebGL works within
QtTestBrowser I tried out some simple and complex examples such as

* http://minimal.be/lab/fluGL/
* http://alteredqualia.com/three/examples/webgl_pasta.html
* http://helloracer.com/webgl/
* http://webglsamples.googlecode.com/hg/aquarium/aquarium.html
* http://learningwebgl.com/blog/?p=28 (I tried out all example)

These seem to appear good.

If you would like to compile WebKit with WebGL type the "--webgl" switch
after the build command.

After that you have to run QtTestBrowser with the following switches:

 -graphicsbased -gl-viewport -tiled-backing-store -viewport-update-mode
BoundingRect -webgl <page name>


> Hi all,
> I just want to know if the WEBGL is well supported by the QtWebKit
shipped within qt-4.8.2 or not?
> if not what is missing?
> regards
> Haithem.
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