[webkit-qt] Minutes from the Status Meeting in #qtwebkit on Freenode IRC network

Huszka Nándor Huszka.Nandor at stud.u-szeged.hu
Mon Jan 30 09:44:05 PST 2012

hnandor status: fixing a clean build bug (Qt)

Quoting Qt WebKit StatusBot <qtwebkit-statusbot at openbossa.org>:

> Updates:
>   * elproxy status: lobbying for his font engine hacks to make it   
> into Qt 5 :P ! Looking into a text selection painting problem.
>   * bbandix status: Looking into why the componentComplete patch   
> caused the API tests to fail. Also investigated with jturcotte why   
> MiniBrowser does not paint the page at the end of the scrolling   
> animation, uploaded a patch.
>   * ahf status Looking into why Geolocation doesn't work.
>   * Ossy status: update Qt5 on the bots, make the latest   
> build-qt5.sh public: https://github.com/ossy-szeged/qt5-tools,   
> zillion gardening (report bugs, rollout patches, ...), thinking   
> about how can we make API test script (run-qtwebkit-tests) perfect
>   * azbest_hu status: wiki for N9 done, examining modified resworb   
> scripts, try to build fresh Qt5 and WebKit for N9
>   * loki04 status: uploaded WindScorpion tests to   
> https://gitorious.org/windscorpion/windscorpion
>   * kkristof status: test the behaviors of the nrwt while every drt   
> is run in separate xvfb
>   * carewolf_ status: Looking at repaints on wheel scroll in touch mode
>   * dicska status: investigating bug 76445 (build-webkit and   
> detecting CPU number correctly)
>   * kadam status: I work on run-gtwebkit-test bug, if if a binary   
> crashes then the sub-summary is missing  and result is not correct
>   * kbalazs status: succesfully ported a linux testfont to mac   
> (verified with an example), go on to implement mock font database   
> for testing
>   * kenneth_ status: setting intern up, tap highlighting
>   * Zoltan status: analyzing webcore-css freya results, write   
> blogpost about it
>   * zherczeg status: CSS tokenizer finally landed
>   * szledan status: i will continue the W3C-SVG tests debugging
>   * lmoura status: updating packages to current hash, testing
> Missing updates from: Smith, TwistO, andris88, cmarcelo, darktears,   
> hugopl, igoroliveira, jeez_, jturcotte, laknudse, luck, mibrunin,   
> mulvad, rafaelbrandao, reni, setanta, tczene, torarne, tronical,   
> zalan, zalbisser
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