[webkit-qt] QtWebkit 2.2.1 - Script Debugger Locks Inspector UI

Jarred Nicholls jarred at webkit.org
Tue Jan 10 11:45:51 PST 2012

Hey qtwebkittens,

My company has charged me with resolving a very nasty issue with QtWebKit
2.2.1's web inspector interface (built from Qt 4.8.0 source), which locks
up when one pauses script at a breakpoint.


CPU on the process goes to 100% and it looks like the EventLoop just runs
on and on (calling QCoreApplication::processEvents), but isn't processing
UI events in the inspector interface at all.

Before spending much more time trying to analyze this issue and scouring
changesets, has anyone experienced this themself and/or have any indication
of what the issue is or how to fix it?  This appears to have been an issue
in the past (https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=41142) but I have a
trunk build of QtWebKit @ r84622 (against Qt 4.7.4) that does not have this

Thanks for your time and input,
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