[webkit-qt] HTML5 Audio with Webkit on N9

rahul.nimbalkar at nokia.com rahul.nimbalkar at nokia.com
Tue Jan 3 10:57:59 PST 2012


Happy new year to all.

I am developing an Qt HTML5 application on N9 and need help for the same.

Problem: Audio doesn't play in Qt Html5 application on N9 with latest images.

Root Cause: Latest version of libqt4webkit fails to play audio. I concluded this as the same Qt/Html5 application works fine with older images (wk 40 or wk 41). 

Workaround: After further analysis I could see the version differences for libqt4webkit. Week 41 or earlier have libqt4webkit~2.1.x and latest images have libqt4webkit~2.2.x. I am not sure about actual reason but when I downgraded webkit on N9 with latest images, my application worked fine. So I believe its fair enough to blame latest version of Webkit for audio failure with HTML5 Qt application.

Is there anyone facing the same problem? Or should I open bug (how/what component) for this problem?

Thanks and regards,


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