[webkit-qt] Qt 4.8/Webkit 2.2 no audio/video tag support

Carlos Smith CSmith at stonewedge.net
Thu Feb 9 15:20:49 PST 2012

People have been asking on the Qt forums with no help, so maybe I'll have better luck here.

Does anyone know why the <audio> and <video> tags are not supported in Qt 4.8/QtWebkit 2.2, at least on Windows?

The QtWebKit pages on webkit.org say this version of Webkit supports those tags.  Yet in practice they do not work.  Does anyone have any information or insight into this?

Comments to the bug report ( https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-22883 ) said it was due to QtMultimediaKit being missing from the Qt 4.8 distribution, so I also tried building QtMultimediaKit.dll and its plugins and placing the dll with the Qt dll's, and the media plugins in the plugins dir, to no avail.  There are no instructions I can find on how to get webkit working with media again.  (My QtMultimediakit is properly built, I can run the player example).

Do I need to get and rebuild webkit with different options?  Was multimedia explicitly disabled on Windows?

Thanks for any advice!

Carlos Smith
Principal Software Engineer
Stonewedge Corporation

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