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> Hi all,
> Here comes a summary of options how to get from Budapest Airport to
> Szeged by public transport in case you join the Code Camp next week
> and plan to use public transport.
> (The prices are provided in euros, but the currency is Hungarian
> Forints. The current exchange rate is currently about 300 HUF for 1
> EUR / 40 HUF for 1 NOK)
> MAP: http://g.co/maps/4qmus
> Summary:
> Low-cost airlines arrive at Budapest Airport Terminal #1 (B on the
> map), others at Terminal #2 (A on the map). From Terminal #2 (A) the
> bus 200E transports you through Terminal #1 (B) to Kőbánya-Kispest
> (C), there you can take the Metro line M3 to towards the city centre.
> The central bus terminal Népliget (D) is 4 stops with the metro line
> M3 from Kőbánya-Kispest towards city centre (direction Újpest
> Központ).
> The main railway terminal for the train going from Budapest Nyugati
> Pályaudvar (E on the map) to Szeged (F on the map) vasútállomás is 12
> stops away the M3 metro from Kőbánya-Kispest towards city centre
> (direction Újpest Központ).
> Additional information airport->centre:
> http://bkv.hu/bus/200evissza_2.pdf (english / hungarian pdf
> summarizing the airport->city center travel options)
> Public transport in Budapest (1 ticket costs about 1.5 euros and you
> need one ticket for each transport vehicle):
> http://utazastervezo.bkv.hu/tervezo/index.php?lng=eng
> Railway costs about 15 euros to Szeged (one way ticket):
> http://www.mav-start.hu/english/index.php
> Bus (coach) costs about 15 euros to Szeged (one way ticket)::
> http://ujmenetrend.cdata.hu/uj_menetrend/en/index.php
> Szeged public transport (1 ticket costs about 1.5 euros):
> http://www.szkt.hu/page.fcgi?rx=&item=&nyelv=en&menuparam21=30&type=21
> Local bus: http://www.tiszavolan.hu
> In detail:
> Getting to Szeged
> 1) By train:
> The train goes from Budapest Nyugati Pályaudvar (E) to Szeged (F),
> which is the final station of the train. The train stops at Budapest
> Airport Terminal #1 (B, take the overpass to Ferihegy megállóhely) and
> Kőbánya-Kispest (C), too, so you do not have take the merto if you do
> not want. Kőbánya-Kispest also has a huge shopping center besides
> being a central station, whereas Budapest Airport Terminal #1
> (Ferihegy megállóhely) is just a train stop.
> Going further by metro you get to Nyugati pu. (E) which also has a
> huge shopping centre (West End City Centre) with a Cinema.
> Trains go each hour from 04:00 until 21:00. The ride takes at about
> 2.5 hours and costs about 15 euros (one way ticket).

To make it clear:

You can travel to Szeged directly from Ferihegy (Ferenc Liszt Airport)  
Terminal #1.
(The train stop is next to the Airport.) Keep in mind that you have to buy  
train tickets inside Terminal #1.
I suggest you to buy "InterCity seat reservation" ticket also, it's plus  
380 HUF.

I hope you won't but if you are lost somewhere just call me on  


> 2) By bus:
> The coach goes from Budapest Népliget (D) to Szeged, Mars tér (G). As
> described above, you have to take the buss 200E from Terminal 1 /
> Terminal 2 to Kőbánya-Kispest (C) and from there take the M3 metro
> line (direction Újpest Központ) to Népliget (D, 4 stops).
> Busses are less frequent than trains (especially on weekends),  but in
> general you will find a bus every 2 hours (~07:00 til ~20:00). The bus
> takes about 2.5 - 3 hours depending on the number of stops.
> Finding your way in Szeged
> 1) If you took the train, you arrive at Szeged vasútállomás (F, Szeged
> station). From there you can take the tram #1 to Anna kút (H,
> direction Szeged Plaza) and walk approximately 900m (or take the tram
> 4 or 3/3F in direction Tarján, 1 stop) to Novotel Hotel (I), where the
> event takes place. The public transport prices are about the same as
> in Budapest (1.5 euros per ticket).
> 2) If you took the bus, you arrive at Szeged Mars tér (G, Mars
> square). From there you can take the trolleybus #9 to Ifjúsági Ház (5
> stops, direction Tarján, Víztorony tér, the stop is right next to the
> bus station no need to go across the street).
> The Novotel Hotel is beside the Ifjúsági Ház (IH centre) by the Tisza  
> riverside.
> Happy hacking!
> /Andras
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