[webkit-qt] Confused re release process

Raphael Kubo da Costa kubo at profusion.mobi
Wed Feb 8 05:06:42 PST 2012

Lindsay Mathieson <lindsay.mathieson at gmail.com> writes:

> On 8 February 2012 12:30, Alexis Menard <alexis.menard at openbossa.org> wrote:
>> I would recommend you to start looking how it could be solved in Qt5 +
>> WebKit2 so you are sure it will make its way one day in Qt5 :D.
> Any idea as to when KDE will switch to Qt5? From memory its not the big
> api rewrite Qt3 -> Qt4 was.

With my KDE hat on: "when" has not been decided yet; ideally, there
would be some sort of technical preview of KDE Frameworks (ie. kdelibs
split into smaller, more independent modules) around Akademy, but that
really depends on the number of people working on it. A final first
release is even farther, as it involves Qt5 being released and
Frameworks looking good. More information can be obtained via [1].

After that the applications themselves need to be ported to Qt5 and KDE

[1] http://community.kde.org/Frameworks

Raphael Kubo da Costa
ProFUSION embedded systems

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