[webkit-qt] Experimental Qt5 packages for N9/N950

Zoltan Horvath zoltan at webkit.org
Thu Feb 2 03:25:33 PST 2012

On Wed, 01 Feb 2012 23:39:13 +0100, Lauro Moura <lauro.neto at openbossa.org>

> Hi all,
> We've built experimental debian packages with the Qt5 buildbot hashes.
> These are very simple packages that can be used to get an initial
> feedback of Qt5 on N9 and N950 devices plus easing the development of
> QtWebKit on them. The plan is to update these packages as soon as the
> weekly hashes are available.

You rock, great work!

Would you add these steps to BuildingQt5OnHarmattan wikipage? It's a very
big help for people who doesn't want to build qt5.

Thank you!


> Installation
> Repository line for scratchbox/device, armel only: deb
> http://qtlabs.org.br/~lmoura/qt5 unstable main xcb
> Script to install on the device):  
> http://qtlabs.org.br/~lmoura/install_qt5.sh
> The script will add a qt5.list to the software sources, update the
> package list and install all qt5 modules available and dependencies.
> To become root use "devel-su" in the terminal application or through
> ssh. A developer-mode enabled device is needed. Extra xcb-utils
> packages were added to the repository under the xcb component as they
> are available for the scratchbox target but not for in the devices'
> repos.
> All files are installed to /opt/qt5. To use qmlscene and friends just
> point PATH to /opt/qt5/bin.
> Sources
> The debian patches and sources are hosted on gitorious clones, branch  
> debianize.
> Packages are named qt5-<module>, e. g. qt5-base, qt5-q3d.
> qtbase: https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qtbase
> qtjsbackend:  
> https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qtjsbackend.
> qtxmlpatterns:  
> https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qtxmlpatterns
> qtscript: https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qtscript
> qtdeclarative:  
> https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qtdeclarative
> qt3d: https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qt3d
> qtsensors: https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qtsensors
> qtlocation: https://qt.gitorious.org/~lauromoura/qt/lauromoura-qtlocation
> Issues found when building the packages:
> * uic crashes when building qtbase with -O2 on sbox armel. Using
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="noopt" to force build with -O0 while [1] is not
> available.
> * qt3 shapes does not respect INSTALL_ROOT. Patched, to be reported  
> upstream.
> [1]  http://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,14752

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