[webkit-qt] Web Inspector troubles with Qt 4.8.x and Qt 5 Betas and other stuff

Hausmann Simon Simon.Hausmann at digia.com
Wed Dec 19 12:09:22 PST 2012

Hi Eike,

The Inspector fix for Windows made it into the 5.0.0 final. We have a fix/patch for the qvariant handling that should make it into 5.0.1, targeted for middle/end of January. (I guess you've seen that in Bugzilla :)

I hope that we can also address the other issues, in particular the memory consumption.


"Rethmeier, Eike" <eike.rethmeier at wincor-nixdorf.com> wrote:

Thanks Jocelyn,
I reorted the issues in two bugzilla bug reorts:
104540 [Qt] JS bridge does not transmit QVariants anymorein Qt5
104536 [Qt] Web Inspector shows empty window and crashes when closing
For the JS bridge bug I included an VS2010 example, howeve just copying the code and using a diffet compile should also work.

----cite from anothe answe:
Have you tried the reote inspector?, it works pefectly fine for me.
AFAIK the reote inspector will be the only one supported for Qt5 and WK2.

Is this correct? I hope not...

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