[webkit-qt] Minutes from the Status Meeting in #qtwebkit on Freenode IRC network

Qt WebKit StatusBot qtwebkit-statusbot at openbossa.org
Fri Aug 31 11:28:57 PDT 2012

  * hnandor status: trying out seccomp patch (bug 89875), installing dependencies and getting to know with sandboxed QtWebProcess (bug 90005)
  * rtakacs status: dealing with bug #95003
  * bbandix status: further testing of the new viewport handler, final clean-up before squashing and preparing patch for upload
  * ossy status:
  * tronical status: working on qt_instance/qt_class rewrite to use JSC, fixing bug in property look-up, started compiling webkit2 on windows with Qt
  * abalazs status: continue the work on interpret a huge amount of coverage results
  * kkristof status: working on the xvfbdriver, it should choose the next free display
  * azbest_hu status: some gardening, building wk1 with Qt5.0beta1 on windows
  * dicska status: working on per-test timeout option
  * rtakacs_ status: dealing with bug #95003
  * kbalazs status: investigating in layout tests with fixed layout but abandoned and just made qrwv not assert without fixed layout, still searching after the bugs that makes tests fail and being slow with pixel snapshot generation
  * Zoltan status: playing with custom http headers
  * zherczeg status: fixing the hard fp related issues on ARM. Finally, it is working...
  * tczene status: still working with transformColorSpace on OpenCL
  * abinader status: pending review on #94094, #91638 and 92000, working on #92801 (text-decoration-skip) implementation
  * Ossy status: gardening: skip failing tests, unskip passing tests, bug reports, poke folks fix regressions they caused :)
  * luck status: working on Bug 95450 - REGRESSION(r127091): It made layout tests extremely slow

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