[webkit-qt] Modal windows return values in QtWebkit?

Daniel Nyström daniel.nystrom at timeterminal.eu
Fri Aug 24 02:30:43 PDT 2012

Having to make a QtWebkit based browser working with a very old web
based system, I'm stuck getting modal windows working properly.

Opening a modal window (through showModalDialog() call) is working
fine, but it does not return it's window.returnValue back to the
caller window.

showModalDialog() is supposed to return the value set by the modal
window's returnValue. See [1] for examples.

Weird thing is, the qt/demos/browser example makes this work properly,
but I can't really find what differ with the very simple browser in
gist [2].

Any idea what should be done to make showModalDialog() return the
value of window.returnValue?

Best regards

[1] http://javascript.gakaa.com/window-returnvalue.aspx
[2] https://gist.github.com/3436685/85bf1fa933623e3fcb6f33b3b0af8b6c51eccde2

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