[webkit-qt] qtwebkit changes to qt/4.8

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Mon Apr 2 00:22:01 PDT 2012

On Sunday, April 01, 2012 02:37:35 PM ext Kenneth Rohde Christiansen wrote:
> Hi there,
> We still are going to ship Qt WebKit1 API as part of the Qt5 module
> QtWebKitWidgets (I am not sure the name is final though) so it is a
> good idea to upstream I would say. Even things which are related to
> Qt4 only as the WebKit1 part should, to my knowledge, still work with
> Qt4, and who knows whether the community (or say Digia) wants to
> release a new version of QtWebKit for Qt4.
> Just my point of view

I agree with Kenneth. In general changes to Qt 4's WebKit should just
be backports from trunk. Ideally they're applied to the qtwebkit-2.2 branch
and then imported into src/3rdparty/webkit. The person approving the change
in Gerrit could forward-port the change to qtwebkit-2.2 on Gitorious and then 
we fix the version and re-import into src/3rdparty/webkit shortly before the 
next 4.8.x patch release. (This is more or less what I did for 4.8.2 now)

In this particular case the change hasn't happend upstream yet it seems, so
I agree with Girish's -1.

With regards to Qt 4 support in WebKit trunk, I think that unless somebody 
steps up to care about and maintain the Qt 4 port, we should keep it around 
around until Qt 5 is released and has become a viable alternative. Depending 
on the quality and feedback that would ideally be Qt 5.0.0, but it could also 
be a patch release or a minor release. After that point I think we should 
remove Qt 4 support from trunk, unless a new maintainer is found.

> Kenneth
> On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 1:57 AM, Girish Ramakrishnan
> <girish at forwardbias.in> wrote:
> > Hi QtWebKit team,
> > What's the best way to deal with patches to QtWebKit1/qt4 (for
> > example, http://codereview.qt-project.org/#change,21292) ?
> > 
> > Is the strategy still to get it all upstream? Since, I assume, there
> > is QtWebKit 2.3 planned how will this patch end up in Qt? (Is the
> > answer that it won't ever end up in Qt4?)
> > 
> > If the answer is to get it all upstream  - would you agree that the
> > sanity bot should complain when anyone tries to commit to
> > src/3rdparty/webkit ?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Girish
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