[webkit-qt] Fwd: [Qt5-feedback] Heads up: Merging refactor branches into master

Zoltan Horvath zoltan at webkit.org
Tue Sep 13 01:24:09 PDT 2011

On Mon, 12 Sep 2011 10:53:42 +0200, Simon Hausmann  
<simon.hausmann at nokia.com> wrote:

> FYI, this is going to affect building webkit trunk with Qt 5's master  
> branches.
> We could wait for a few days for the dust to settle and then add the  
> include and simple .pro file fixes
> together with a bot update. What do you think?
> Simon

Fortunately, it affects only our WK2 bot on  
so it shouldn't be a big trouble to fix these. If I understand you  
correctly you will make the fixes for the source and we only need to  
update qt5 on our bot, am I right?

By the way, I'm okay with the changes!


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