[webkit-qt] [QtWebKit] Issues with WebGL on top of DirectFBGL

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> Actually, we are still using the WebGL FBO, but the context is created
> by a QGLPixelBuffer and not a QGLWidget: it requires only a small change
> at initialization, and we don't need to allocate another eglsurface
> (which was what we couldn't do on our target).
Sounds good! Do you have a patch we can look at? I'd be happy to review it if it makes sense :)

> That said, I haven't looked much into WebKit2, but my understanding is
> that the rendering and composition (UI) processes are separated. I
> assume that layers are prepared in the rendering processes, and at some
> point you pass an 'image' and a geometric transformation to the
> composition process (very much like in the texture mapper). The main
> question is how you make your intermediate rendering available to the
> composition process: you can use shared memory if you have a system
> buffer, but if your rendering has been done by the gpu, you may want to
> avoid the soft copy: this can be achieved more easily on the desktop
> (Mesa/DRI) than on embedded targets, where you will probably have to
> rely on proprietary mechanisms. The other option is as you said to
> streamline GL commands to the UI process. This is probably a bit more
> complicated (but chrome has an implementation for that already if I
> remember well how their own gpu process works), and you gain the ability
> to further isolate the rendering processes: imagine for instance that
> you want to restrict the gpu access to the UI process only for security
> reasons.
Thanks for the insight. Right now, after evaluating what Chrome is doing, my tendency is towards EGL images (with a MESA backend on desktop).

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