[webkit-qt] Using the web inspector for injected javascript

Leo Franchi lfranchi at kde.org
Sun Oct 16 18:38:28 PDT 2011

Hello Webkitians,

I'm looking at adding web inspector support to PhantomJS to help interactively 
debug my scripts i'm running through it. PhantomJS uses 
QWebFrame::evaluateJavaScript to run the js in a web page.

I can easily enough show a web inspector for the page, but as the JS is 
inspected it's of course not shown in the inspector that is shown. I also 
tried creating skeleton html page with an in-page <script> tag that linked to 
the .js file path, but that didn't get me much farther either. The script 
didn't even seem to be run that way. 

After poking around a bit in the various inspector classes in qtwebkit, is 
there a way for me to easily run the inspector on some arbitrary javascript? 
Or some much better way to approach this problem?

Any thoughts appreciated.

leo at kdab.com                                 KDAB (USA), LLC
lfranchi at kde.org                             The KDE Project

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