[webkit-qt] qt5 version updated for bot / development

Alexis Menard alexis.menard at openbossa.org
Fri Oct 14 05:29:45 PDT 2011

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 9:22 AM, Simon Hausmann
<simon.hausmann at nokia.com> wrote:
> First of all: There no blame for Ossy. Blame me if you want :)

No blame here, just jokes :D.

> On Friday, October 14, 2011 01:52:43 PM ext Alexis Menard wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I don't understand why we should stick to a given version. Every fixes
>> we do in Qt5 (which is on-going dev version, so read a lot) and then
>> QtWebKit will be slown down by the fact that we need to :
>> - ask Ossy to update the bot.
>> - wait the bot to be updated.
>> - warn the ML
>> - finally cq+
>> Yesterday a build fix (the drag and drop stuff) was hold, blocking a
>> lot of people because of the bot. I gave up and apply the patch
>> locally.
>> I know Ossy is very sensible about the bot but the WK2 one is not
>> public, Qt5 is still a very moving target with quality control and a
>> set of keys (the CI ones) that we could stick with.
>> What about updating it every day at a given time. Worst case a patch
>> in QtWebKit will not be stuck for long, it doesn't require Ossy to be
>> always available and it helps us to fix both Qt5 and QtWebKit at a
>> fast pace.
> We want to develop WebKit at a "fast" pace, right? That means what's below us
> cannot change every day or minute, because if it does then I'm spending more time
> recompiling the base instead of being able to focus on WebKit.
> Qt is changing frequently, source incompatible changes can come in any time (hopefully
> now with a heads-up on the qt5 list), behavioral changes, too. Fixes that may affect the
> metrics may creep in silently. And we really want to avoid those if we're serious about
> working with the layout tests with webkit2.
> As long as Qt is moving so fast I think it's better if we stick to a common version of
> Qt that is in line with what the bot is using. It's also a way to avoid developers being
> stuck with trunk not building against _their_ version of Qt.
> My suggestion is to introduce a weekly rhythm for the bot. If there are no source or

I said evey day but actually what I wanted is to make sure it would be
regular so we know when to cq
the stuff. Every Monday/whatever at 12:00/whatever...

I'm fine with sticking a while with a revision as soon as we make it
clear when to update and when we can cq.
Today random update when someone ask ossy is no good, leads to rollout/mess.

> metrics changes in Qt, then you're naturally free to update your own build of Qt.
> Heck, knowing myself I might actually end up doing that. But rebuilding Qt every day
> is not everybody's cup of tea.

I do also everyday just because merge requests needs to be on an
up-to-date checkout of Qt.

> What do you think?
> The alternative is I guess to update the bot once a day to the latest qt5 snapshot and
> everybody rebuilds qt5 daily in the morning.

Yep could be. But I'm fine with the week update.

> Simon

Alexis Menard (darktears)
Software Engineer
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