[webkit-qt] libxslt / xml support

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at nokia.com
Fri Nov 25 02:09:04 PST 2011


While we're at the topic of third-party libraries (ICU...), there's one other 
thing that I discussed with Andreas yesterday that might make sense for us 
regarding XSLT support:

I'd like to propose that we remove the code that uses QtXmlPatterns to 
implement XSLT support in WebKit. Instead I'd like to make libxslt a 
dependency (now that we have configure tests) for anyone who wants to build 
QtWebKit with XSLT support.

If XSLT support is enabled - and therefore libxslt available - we also get an 
implicit availability of libxml. I suggest that in that case we also use 
libxml for XML parsing.

If XSLT support is _not_ enabled, we don't have libxslt and therefore also no 
libxml available and should continue to use QXmlStreamReader for XML parsing.

Does that sound reasonable?


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