[webkit-qt] QtWebKit checklist report Mac

Luiz Agostini luiz at webkit.org
Wed May 25 14:38:38 PDT 2011


Testing qtwebkit-2.2 branch (5087eaa3db15994a85a0e47d16b8e962b072a067) Mac
OS 10.6.7

* Go to gmail.com (https version), log in, browse some mails, start a chat

* Go to facebook.com, log in, browse some friends and pictures, start a chat

* Go to youtube.com, launch some videos in flash (check the sound too)
Doesn't work. It says that I should upgrade flash player. It is not possible
to make downloads in QtTestBrowser so I used chrome to download and install
the new flash.
Doesn't work even with the new flash. It works in chrome, even before
upgrading flash.

* Go to youtube.com/html5, join the html5 trial and browse a video rendered
in html5 (check the sound)
Doesn't work.

* Uploading an image to imgur.com works as expected

* Go to  http://www.html5rocks.com/ and play with the site (interactive
QtTestBrowser crashes after changing the theme some times.

* Go to http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/ and play with it. Does it work as
the eraser doesn't work.
the picker works but the lens are always black.
after refreshing none of the tools are visible any more and just the options
menu is working.

* Go to http://tiny.cc/wkmedia and play with the videos, try
different formats and check the sound, try seeking, try changing the volume
as well as switching fullscreen.
h264 is the only format that is actually working. Seeking is not working.
Most of the others did not play at all or froze at some point. QtTestBrowser
crashed sometimes.
In QGraphicsView mode I have seem the same but the combobox is really too
bad. And it crashed at least once.

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