[webkit-qt] Question about the release process

Antonio Gomes tonikitoo at gmail.com
Fri May 20 07:12:17 PDT 2011


Why bugs keep being added and removed from the meta bugs "blocking/depends
on" list? It makes bugzilla too spammy, and does not make any sense to me:
If it is FIXED, it will be marked (even visually) as such on the meta
blocker list, so why doubling the number of bugemails we get by removing it
from the meta bug blocking list?

For all other projects I've working on (including Mozilla and QtWebKit in
the past) the meta bugs were common, but such a practice was not happening.
but now it is.

Maybe there is a good reason of course, but if it is noising  more for
everybody than helping a small group, it should be reconsidered?

ps: If it is only me who do not like it, ignore me.

--Antonio Gomes
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