[webkit-qt] Building QtWebKit on Mac fails linking undefined CSSParser::lex

Dominic Cooney dominicc at chromium.org
Fri May 20 00:40:03 PDT 2011

Hello WebKit-Qties,

I am trying to build WebKit Qt on Mac to fix a test failure with skips
in qt-mac and qt-wk2 (bug 59335), but I can't even get WebKit Qt to
build! I was wondering if an experienced hand can help me debug my
configuration so I can get rolling and debug this test failure.

I'm following <http://trac.webkit.org/wiki/BuildingQtOnOSX> but
Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --qt --makeargs="-j4" --no-video -spec
macx-g++ fails with:

Undefined symbols:
  "WebCore::CSSParser::lex()", referenced from:
      WebCore::CSSParser::lex(void*)in libwebcored.a(CSSParser.o)

Incidentally build output includes a slew of warnings like

ld: warning: WTF::RefPtr<WTF::StringImpl>::operator!() consthas
different visibility (hidden) in
../../JavaScriptCore/debug/libjscored.a(JITArithmetic.o) and
(default) in ../../WebCore/debug/libwebcored.a(SVGFECompositeElement.o)

None of those warnings mention any symbols in the CSSParser class;
however it does complain about the visibility of many symbols used by
CSSParser.o (std:: and WTF:: stuff.)

I'm near ToT (r86922) using qt4-mac @4.7.3 from MacPorts.
BuildingQtOnOSX implies that there are problems compiling and linking
CSSParser.cpp and merely re-running build-webkit will fix them; alas
this does not work for me.

I'm also curious... does qt-wk2 work on platforms other than the Mac?
Because I have no problems building QtWebKit on Linux.


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