[webkit-qt] QtWebKit checklist report for week 19, Linux 64 bits

Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho caio.oliveira at openbossa.org
Sat May 14 14:14:11 PDT 2011


Testing qtwebkit-2.2 branch (commit
c3f6cb792c52f29916251d5805e12790ee01eda2) on Fedora (Linux) 64 bits.
Qt 4.7 branch, qt-mobility master branch. Unless stated, comments
apply to both QWebView and QGraphicsWebView.

* Go to gmail.com (https version), log in, browse some mails, start a chat
- When sending/replying an email, pressing Enter-key in the text area
cause an extra blank line to be added. I think it might be related to
- Checkboxes ugly because I use KDE and probably my Oxygen style is
old. I remember this was fixed at some point by Alexis.

* Go to facebook.com, log in, browse some friends and pictures, start a chat
- OK.

* Go to youtube.com, launch some videos in flash (check the sound too)
- Shrink/expand button (near the bottom right) does not work.

* Go to youtube.com/html5, join the html5 trial and browse a video
rendered in html5 (check the sound)
- QWebView: Video is skippy when playing fullscreen. Normal size is fine.
- Seeking doesn't work.

* Uploading an image to imgur.com works as expected
- OK.

* Go to  http://www.html5rocks.com/ and play with the site
(interactive presentation)
- QWebView: Slide navigation work fine.
- QGraphicsWebView: slides 22 and 23 not appearing sometimes.

I tried some examples there.
- IndexedDB doesn't work, do we support it?
- <input type="list"> with <datalist> doesn't show autocompletion menu.
- Audio + Video: clicking in the track bar doesn't work.
- Canvas example looks wrong when selecting Simple/Polaroid border
effects when picture is rotated.
- SVG example doesn't show anything.
- QGraphicsWebView: animation in Transforms slide doesn't work, box disappear.

* Go to http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/ and play with it. Does it work as expected?
- OK.

* Go to http://tiny.cc/wkmedia and play with the videos, try different
formats and check the sound, try seeking, try changing the volume as
well as switching fullscreen
- Seeking doesn't work for me.
- Combobox doesn't show border in the list when opened, scrollbar also
incompletely drawn.

I'll create the bug reports that still not exist on the next Monday.


Caio Marcelo de Oliveira Filho
OpenBossa - INdT

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