[webkit-qt] Does WebKit have http connecting module?

Yanke (Yon) Hu huyanke at gmail.com
Tue May 10 12:36:57 PDT 2011


I am a beginner of WebKit. It looks like WebKit doesn't have an API about
setting proxy.

Previously when I was using Molliza sdk, I can set proxy by:

nsCOMPtr<nsIProtocolProxyService> proxyService =

An interesting thing is:  When you want to set proxy in Chrome or Safari,
actually you are setting system level proxy. I guess the proxy module in
Chrome and Safari is not related to WebKit module, but not sure.

I find in QT, you can set proxy in application by :

#include <QNetworkProxy>
QNetworkProxy * proxy = new QNetworkProxy();

Many QtWebKit based open source browser implement the proxy in this way.
This module looks not related to QtWebKit, but belongs to QtCore.

So does this mean WebKit is just for rendering, and it doesn't have module
for http conecting? I previously thought WebKit should have every module
like Molliza Gecko. Browsers based on WebKit will just need to implement UI.
But the thing doesn't look like this..

Thanks for any help!!



Yanke Hu
phone: (469) 644-8799
email: huyanke at gmail.com
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