[webkit-qt] The checklist on 2.2...

Alexis Menard alexis.menard at openbossa.org
Thu May 5 06:21:27 PDT 2011


We were pretty bad doing the checklist recently but now we have no choice but 
doing it on top of 2.2 branch.

https://gitorious.org/+qtwebkit-developers/webkit/qtwebkit is where you can 
find the branch.

Here are the instructions :


In order to enforce it I put names and platforms to people. And yes in most 
cases it's not your main platform but that's called sacrifice for the team :D.

So it's easy it starts this week with me and next week is caio, then diego, 
... . When we reach the end we start again by me.

Make sure that when a round is done we have been through all platforms in that 
tiny list. I know it's not a complete list of supported platforms but for a 
every week testing is pretty good.

I'd like to make it mandatory so we don't skip it. It's important.

We're definitively lacking Nokia platforms so If there is any volonteers, 
please step in. Boston you hear me? I can add Meego to myself later on.


PS : Andreas could you get a VM of Windows Vista up and running?

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