[webkit-qt] [webkit-dev] How to enable WebGL on WebKit QT port?

Joseph Tsai mgtsai at gmail.com
Wed May 4 22:35:12 PDT 2011

Hello Won,

I also have the same problem under Windows XP platform. Using the same
building parameters and QtTestBrowser command line arguments, WebGL
for QtWebKit works well under Windows 7 (tested revision: r82115,

Digging in sources, I found that QtWebKit's port would query available
OpenGL functions by GraphicsContext3DInternal::getProcAddress() from
DLL (in WebCore/platform/graphics/qt/GraphicsContext3DQt.cpp). Current
implementation is that: If certain OpenGL function is not available,
the WebGL feature is disabled (in the constructor of class
GraphicsContext3DInternal). For example, glBlendEquation() is not
supported in my Windows XP platform, although I don't need this
function, WebGL is still disabled in QtWebKit.

WebGL for QtWebKit does not support partial set of OpenGL functions,
this implementation is different from Chromium's port.
(Chromium can run WebGL under my Windows XP)

2011/5/4 Won J Jeon <wjjeon at gmail.com>:
> Those switches were passed correctly when I launched QtTestBrowser (WebKit
> r85515).
> The WebGL code seems broken for now. Hopefully Jarkko addresses this issue
> soon.
> Regards,
> Won

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