[webkit-qt] Avoid painting and layout while loading a page

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Mon Mar 14 06:10:29 PDT 2011

On 03/10/2011 10:17 AM, ext zhoupeng19 at 126.com wrote:
> I get very slow load times on QtWebKit in Linux.Can any one could tell
> me how to avoid painting and layout while loading a page,I just need the
> page content(and i must to evaluate the javascript int the page),don't
> care layout infomation.This is my code:
> (Can any body give me some to suggestion optimizing this program
> ,because i can't endure the speed, the load time is few hundred sec per
> one page(dynamic page).Thanks)

I doubt your code do much layout since there is no rendering involved.

You should profile your code to find what is slow and what is causing 
it. My guess is I/O is the bottleneck...


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