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Hi,Kalle Vahlman! 

   I hava a question about the code in http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qwebpage.html#using-qwebpage-in-a-widget-less-environment .Does this calss compute the CSS.In my project,i don't care about the layout,i just need the page content,so, i want to stop the CSS rendering, is it possilbe?

Zhou Peng
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2011/3/8 周鹏 <zhoupeng19 at 126.com>: 
> Hi,guys! 
> ??? I want to get the page content after all external resource is loaded,but 
> i don't want to call the QApplication::exec() function,is it 
> possible(because this function open a window,but i don't need it,all i want 
> is the content of the page)? 

This might help: 


I think there was a blog post about this method in the qt labs blog too. 

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