[webkit-qt] qtwebkit-2.1.x branch is now part of qtwebkit-2.1

Ademar Reis ademar.reis at openbossa.org
Wed Jun 29 12:41:10 PDT 2011

Hi there.

To whoever is interested in the QtWebKit-2.1 development, please note
that the qtwebkit-2.1.x branch has been merged into qtwebkit-2.1 and
removed from the server. The only reason why the 2.1.x branch was
created in the first place is that we started working on 2.1.1 way
before 2.1.0 was released (for productization reasons).

In summary, if you're using or following qtwebkit-2.1.x, now you
should use or follow qtwebkit-2.1 (which is not active BTW, as focus
is now on qtwebkit-2.2).

The meta-bugs have been closed as well.

   - Ademar

Ademar de Souza Reis Jr. <ademar.reis at openbossa.org>
Nokia Institute of Technology

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