[webkit-qt] Heads up: Qt 5 + declarative are coming as dependencies to build WebKit 2

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Thu Jul 14 09:27:47 PDT 2011


At the Qt Contributor summit, we discussed about the future of WebKit2 
living in the new scenegraph world.
Simon did a patch to start that integration: 

The patch is now updated and the plan is to get it in a state that can 
be landed, and then improve on top of it to get the best rendering 

Once this land, Qt 5 and QtDeclarative will be needed to build WebKit2. 
If you want to work on WebKit2, you probably want to get Qt 5 :)
The instructions to get Qt 5 are here: 

In practice for WebKit2, you only need the following submodules: qtbase, 
qtscript, qtsvg  qtxmlpatterns-staging, qtdeclarative (+its submodule: v8).


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