[webkit-qt] Feedback needed: new design for WebKit 2

Pierre pinaraf at pinaraf.info
Sat Jul 2 05:29:53 PDT 2011

On Thursday 30 June 2011 22:21:43 Benjamin Poulain wrote:
> Hi all,
> Andreas and I have worked a couple of days on a ways to clean the
> current mess of the WebKit 2 API. We would like some feedback before
> going forward and upstreaming some of that :)
> I has become visible that the current design of the UI layer of WebKit 2
> is not maintainable. The code is becoming really messy, and it is hard
> to know where to add new features.
> Some of problems we have are:
> -the split QWKPage <-> QGraphicsWKView comes from the design of our
> WebKit 1 APIs, and is just adding complexity (we do not want to support
> multiple views, and we do not want to support a page without a view).
Does this mean applications using QWebKit with no widgets nor views, just 
extracting informations from a web page, will no longer be possible ?
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