[webkit-qt] Phonon and webkit-qt

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Mon Jan 10 07:27:40 PST 2011

On 01/09/2011 10:19 PM, ext Trever Fischer wrote:
> Us over in phonon land are wondering about webkit-qt's relationship with
> Phonon.
> * Whats the current status of Phonon's integration with webkit-qt?
> * How can phonon be improved to fit your use cases?
> We're in #phonon on freenode and i'm idling in #webkit if a more
> interactive medium is desired.

I personnaly would not mind both in the tree, Phonon and QtMultimedia, 
as long as the phonon backup is maintained actively by the Phonon guys.

I understand there is a need from KDE, and I think some guys behind 
Phonon are not affraid to contribute to WebKit. Trever, do you agree 
with this statement?
It would also be good to have more people working on multimedia. The 
phonon devs could find problems in other backend while making patches.

But, is it possible to have three backend (QtMultimedia, GStreamer and 
Phonon) at the same time in QtWebKit without adding mess in the codebase?

Simon, Tor Arne, Alexis, any input on the matter?


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