[webkit-qt] Pinch zoom for QWebView?

Harri Pasanen grego at mpaja.com
Sat Jan 8 01:11:59 PST 2011

I wonder if pinch zoom is on the roadmap for webkit?

Meanwhile I rolled my own simple implementation which is better than nothing, 
but not perfect.  In my code I'm scaling a pixmap for fluid motion, and at the 
end I call setZoomFactor.  The relevant code is visible here:

It is usable in that it works fluidly and gives you a rough idea what the 
resulting zoom will be.  But pixel positions move around and the end result is 
rarely exact to the zoom preview.

On Symbian3 the native browser's pinch zoom is much more faithful to pixel 
positions and sizing of the preview.  So that must be doing something more 
clever, any hints what?  

Better yet, perhaps this is already implemented and I just have to be patient 
and it will be delivered to my door...


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