[webkit-qt] [Checklist Report] Week 9

Alexis Menard alexis.menard at openbossa.org
Mon Feb 28 11:42:19 PST 2011

Hello here is the report of the checklist.

Machine : Windows XP
Qt : 27f6164ecc50546ef31e17e57ea528aabcd6808a
Qt Mobility 1.1 : 97e72c5a1a96508dc456e68ab760595087374fe2
WebKit : 79686

Gmail : It hangs. I think everything related to SSL was not working.
Is there something to do on Windows? It seems the plugins are not
picked. I'm wondering how you guys run the test browser? You copy all
dlls of QtMobility and Qt?
Youtube.com : Flash worked as expected with sound.
Youtube.com : HTML5 Video : Not working at all (like any other platforms).
http://imgur.com : work as expected
http://www.html5rocks.com/  : did the slideshow (there was a small
tearing). For the Audio/Video slide : audio worked as expected but not
the video.
http://mugtug.com/sketchpad/ : work as expected.

Will open bugs.

Alexis Menard
Software Engineer
INdT Recife Brazil

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