[webkit-qt] OT : WebKit interview inquiry

Guillaume Belfiore gbelfiore at clubic.com
Fri Feb 25 08:09:42 PST 2011


My name is Guillaume, I work as a French journalist for Clubic.com. Follwing
the advice of the KDE Forum owner I am coming to you because I am looking
for someone that can talk about WebKit.

Those past few years I have met with people from Mozilla, Opera Software or
Microsoft but never got a chance to write a paper on WebKit even though its
adoption seem to grow lately.

I tried to contact the managers of the official Webkit-dev mailing list and
of the Chromium-dev group, the people from the Rekonq browser as well as the
Sencha Touch Framework developers but never got any answers. Now there
should be someone who validates the dev work made on WebKit at some point
before each release right ?

Basically the idea would be to present a history of WebKit to our readers
and to answer few basic, non-technical questions such as : how does WebKit
differs from Gecko, Presto or Trident ? How does its implementation differs
in Chrome, Safari or on mobile phones ? What's next for WebKit ? How do the
community work with the W3C, especially with the CSS working group ? How is
KDE involved in the project ?...

Do you know someone who'd be willing to shed light on this project ? If so,
you may contact me at gbelfiore at clubic.com

Thank you very much
*Guillaume Belfiore - *Clubic.com | M6 Web
46 rue Jacques Dulud, 92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Tel :
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