[webkit-qt] Get a render tree from QtWebKit

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Sun Feb 20 05:39:53 PST 2011

I want to use WebKit as a html processor to build a final render tree, that
can be processed and later be drawn on another device without any webkit.
Like opera mini or (probably) Bolt browser do.
So, basically, I need to get a list of page elements with their coordinates,
sizes, properties etc. Not a DOM tree, because I need drawing information.
Just like QWebFrame::renderTreeDump, but with more information and different
output format.

I tried to modify QWebFrame (added a method, which returns a WebCore::Frame
object), but then I stuck on resolving all the header files dependencies for
Frame.h. My problem here is how to use QtWebKit and core WebKit headers
simultaneously (think I managed to do that, but then got an unresolved
reference to something from JavaScriptCore).

Now the only thing that comes to mind is to copy RenderTreeAsText files, do
the modifications and as a result have my own version of QtWebKit with
required functions. It's not very easy since the whole WebKit will be linked
on every build, and that takes very long time.

Any thoughts?
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