[webkit-qt] Phonon support improvement...

Dawit A adawit at kde.org
Sat Feb 5 14:11:42 PST 2011


I was looking into what it would take to make the Phonon support in
QtWebKit usable and I ran into few issue which I need some answers
for... The first issue I wanted to investigate was whether or not I
can use Phonon's AbstractMediaStream class to obtain the streaming
multimedia data through QNAM instead of letting Phonon delegate that
action to the backends. My work on this has been frustrating to say
the least, but in the end what I have realized is that unless the
abstract media streaming implementation is in a separate thread or
process it will block the main GUI thread. And of course the outcome
of doing that is rather obvious.

So the question I have is whether or not the use of QThread is allowed
or frowned upon in classes like MediaPlayerPrivatePhonon.cpp ?

Dawit A.

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