[webkit-qt] What's going on with the 2.x (and 2.x.y) branch?

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Thanks for bring up the topic here. I do agree http://webkit.org/b/52080 should not go into 2.1.x branch.

One of the topic being discussed is using QtWebKit 2.1.x as the QtWebKit version for the Qt 4.8 release. This does not imply that we can now start adding features (as in new functionality) to 2.1.x branch, but it does mean that we need to make sure that all features (as applicable) are supported on all Qt supported platforms - which will eventually result in more commits.

It would be good to conclude the Qt 4.8 discussion as I think that will frame the qtwebkit-2.1.x release. Feedback on this ?


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Hey guys!

This just in from http://webkit.org/b/52080

Comment #13 From Benjamin Poulain 2011-02-01 10:09:31 PST (-) [reply] (In reply to comment #12)  > Ademar, can you cherry-pick this to qtwebkit2.1.x? thanks!

I think it is time to clarify what goes in a patch release, and what is a stabilization fix. IMHO, this is not a stabilization patch, it is a new feature. And that the root of all the problems of 2.1.x, it is not a serious stabilization branch, it is a just a branch.


Let's talk about this here on the mailing list..

I agree with Benjamin in the case above, this patch is an added feature 
and does not belong on a stabilization branch.

And is qtwebkit-2.1.x even a stabilization branch? It was supposed to be 
2.1 + video, but looking at the most recent cherry-picks, there's a 
mixed bunch of changes being added: spatial navigation, contentEditable, 
IME, rendering fixes..

Is there a schedule for the release of 2.1?
Is there a list of things to be done before we can release?
What's stopping us from releasing 2.1 right now?

Please note that I'm not out to give anyone a noogie and/or wedgie here, 
I'm just getting the feeling that the 2.x branch(es) are a bit.. out of 

Hugs & such!
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