[webkit-qt] What's going on with the 2.x (and 2.x.y) branch?

Andreas Kling andreas.kling at nokia.com
Tue Feb 1 10:27:01 PST 2011

Hey guys!

This just in from http://webkit.org/b/52080

Comment #13 From Benjamin Poulain 2011-02-01 10:09:31 PST (-) [reply]
(In reply to comment #12)
 > Ademar, can you cherry-pick this to qtwebkit2.1.x? thanks!

I think it is time to clarify what goes in a patch release, and what is 
a stabilization fix. IMHO, this is not a stabilization patch, it is a 
new feature. And that the root of all the problems of 2.1.x, it is not a 
serious stabilization branch, it is a just a branch.


Let's talk about this here on the mailing list..

I agree with Benjamin in the case above, this patch is an added feature 
and does not belong on a stabilization branch.

And is qtwebkit-2.1.x even a stabilization branch? It was supposed to be 
2.1 + video, but looking at the most recent cherry-picks, there's a 
mixed bunch of changes being added: spatial navigation, contentEditable, 
IME, rendering fixes..

Is there a schedule for the release of 2.1?
Is there a list of things to be done before we can release?
What's stopping us from releasing 2.1 right now?

Please note that I'm not out to give anyone a noogie and/or wedgie here, 
I'm just getting the feeling that the 2.x branch(es) are a bit.. out of 

Hugs & such!

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