[webkit-qt] Nested objects with QtWebKit bridge

Loïc Yhuel loic.yhuel_ext at softathome.com
Wed Aug 24 05:36:15 PDT 2011

Le mercredi 24 août 2011 13:36:23, Andrew Webster a écrit :
> On Wed, Aug 24, 2011 at 6:42 AM, Loïc Yhuel
> <loic.yhuel_ext at softathome.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I want to define Q_INVOKABLE methods f1 and f2 in C++, which can be 
>> called
>> in JS by A.f1() and A.B.f2()
>> As explained in the documentation, I can't add B class as a property 
>> of A.
>> The only workaround I found is :
>> webFrame->addToJavaScriptWindowObject("A", myA);
>> webFrame->addToJavaScriptWindowObject("_B", myB);
>> webFrame->evaluateJavaScript("A.B = _B");
>> I there a better way ?
> If you make myA the parent object of myB and give myB the objectName
> "B", then you should be able to access it from JS using "A.B". When
> accessing a JS property of a QObject, Q_PROPERTYs and named children
> get searched for a match.
I'm suprised, since it doesn't work with Q_PROPERTY (I have to use to 
Q_DECLARE_METATYPE/qRegisterMetatype, and then A.B is empty), but using 
object children and objectName works.
> Andrew

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