[webkit-qt] Enabling WebGL by default

Andrew Wason rectalogic at rectalogic.com
Fri Aug 12 07:35:18 PDT 2011

Simon Hausmann <simon.hausmann <at> nokia.com> writes:
> On Thursday, August 11, 2011 04:53:24 PM Rosenthal Noam (Nokia-CTO-Qt/SiliconValley) wrote:
> > Right now, when WebGL setting is enabled (which is still an
> > opt-in), it should work also when you're not on a
> > GL viewport, by flattening the fbo to an image.
> > We can disable that; but that's mutually exclusive from
> > building it by default.
> Ok :)
> I'm personally not a fan of the fbo to image conversion,
> so I'd leave it out. But it's up to you :)

Currently the fbo to image conversion is the only way to render a
QWebPage that contains WebGL to a QPainter due to

i.e. painting a QWebView with WebGL content works due to the fbo to
image conversion. Painting a QGraphicsWebView with QGLWidget viewport
paints everything but the WebGL content (it is always painted to the
QGLWidget not to the target QPainter).

So I' vote to keep it fo rnow.


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