[webkit-qt] Enabling WebGL by default

noam.rosenthal at nokia.com noam.rosenthal at nokia.com
Wed Aug 10 10:50:41 PDT 2011

Added a bug report:
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On 08/10/2011 07:33 PM, ext noam.rosenthal at nokia.com wrote:
> There was a lot of work done by Jarkko, Andrew and others to get WebGL up and running on Qt.
> Also, WebGL is getting more and more traction in the industry.
> I believe that it's time we let it build by default, while keeping it off in the settings by default.
> This would allow more people to test WebGL more easily, and would also protect us from Apple/Google build breakages since the bots are going to build it. Now that the bots can use OpenGL, adding tests would be a possible next step.
> Any objections?

Already said it on IRC but...I like the idea.

If the bots run the WebGL tests, that will be harder to have it as a
half-feature as it is today .

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