[webkit-qt] ajax returns json with "

Benjamin Poulain benjamin.poulain at nokia.com
Wed Aug 10 03:54:18 PDT 2011

On 08/09/2011 11:13 PM, ext Sylvain Pointeau wrote:
> my program, using custom network reply, is not working with Qt 4.8 beta
> on mac os x lion (it worked on 4.7.1 on Snow Leopard).
> I use JQuery and the ajax call. I get an error and when I display the
> responseText, I see my json with the double quote like """
> I think something happens in the QtWebkit side, could you confirm?

May I suggest you make a reduction so people can have a look at the bug? :)

You can report bugs on bugs.webkit.org. Feel free to email the bug 
number on this list so someone make it as a blocker for 2.2 if necessary.


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