[webkit-qt] Problems integrating V8 in QtWebKit 2.2 for a MIPS target

Peter Varga pvarga at webkit.org
Fri Aug 5 04:46:34 PDT 2011


I have investigated your problem and I have found there is some 
misunderstanding related to the structure of the
QtWebKit-V8 port.

First of all the QtWebkit-V8 development has been blocked on trunk due 
to problems with the QtScript's V8 fork update.
Thus I'm not sure the compiling of the QtWebKit 2.2 with an external V8 
backend is possible...

 > - Built Qt 4.7.4 (from git) successfully using MIPS Little Endian 
uclibc toolchain
You are using wrong version of Qt. The QtWebKit-V8 needs QtScript with 
V8 backend but the Qt-4.7.4 contains a version of
QtScript which uses JSC. Probably you should try Qt-5 with QtScript module:
  - Compile the qt-base (https://gitorious.org/+qt-developers/qt/qtbase).
  - Use the qmake of the new QtBase (check the version: qmake --version 
it should be 5.0.0) for compile
    the v8 branch of QtScript 
Anyway, this QtScript repository won't be updated in the forseeable 
future but this is the latest version which worked with QtWebkit-V8.

 > - edited value of V8_DIR to refer to correct path where V8 is built
Hmm, I'm not quite sure whether it is a good idea to use an external V8 
fork but you can give it a try :)
In fact the QtWebKit-V8 uses the QtScript's own shipped version of V8 
(it has some QtScript specific modifications). That is the reason why
the V8_LIB_DIR is set to a QT_INSTALL_PREFIX directory.

Anyway you should create two links from the QtScript's directory into 
the QtBase directory to make it possible to build QtWebkit-V8:
  - QtScript's src/script directory into the QtBase's src directory
     e.g.: ~/qtbase/src/script -> ~/qtscript/src/script
  - QtScript's src/3rdparty/v8 directory into the QtBase's src/3rdparty 
     e.g.: ~/qtbase/src/3rdparty/v8 -> ~/qtscript/src/3rdparty/v8

Probably you can try to apply the QtScript specific changes to the V8 
for MIPS port manually. After that you might be able to use
that version of V8 for compiling both QtScript and QtWebKit.
You can find the QtScript specific modifications on top of this 
repository: https://github.com/stampho/qtscript-backend

I hope this information will be helpful :)


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