[webkit-qt] Javascript string lastIndexOf method not working

Dwayne sherrard at cableone.net
Mon Apr 18 17:45:06 PDT 2011

I am on Suse Linux 10.1 using KDE3.5 -- quite an old environment.  I will
give it a try tomorrow on a more current platform.  It sounds like this is
working okay for others.  I will post my results tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who has responded.


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Can you share the platform/environment with us ? Is this perhaps on Symbian
and perhaps related to the following commit -
http://trac.webkit.org/changeset/51307 ? 


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I am having trouble with the lastIndexOf string method not working in
javascript.  The method always fails (-1 as returned index). 
For example:

                var mystring = new String('{string}');
                mystring.length                                => 8
       mystring.indexOf('{')                     => 0
       mystring.lastIndexOf('}')              => -1      ?!?!?!
This seems like very basic behavior to be failing at this point.  Anyone
else seeing this?  I am using Qt 4.7.2.  I didn't see a bug filed
On this on the trac page, so I'll open a ticket if I'm not doing something

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