[webkit-qt] Questions on Geolocation implementation in WebKit

Ariya Hidayat ariya.hidayat at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 20:20:06 PST 2010

> I looked into the codes of Geolocation, and found that there are no actual
> implementations of class GeolocationService, since there are no derived
> class of it except GeolocationServiceMock. >From my understanding, there
> should be some implementations, like GeolocationServiceGPS,
> GeolocationServiceWifi, GeolocationServiceRadio and so on for different
> platforms (WM, S60, iPhone, Android at least).
> Somebody please help to explain how Geolocation works in WebKit. Or, if
> there are some platform-specific implementations under GNU license, please
> kindly tell me.

Since this is webkit-qt list, let me point you to the Qt
implementation thereof: WebCore/platform/qt/GeolocationServiceQt.*. If
you follow it up from there, you'll understand how it works.

Ariya Hidayat

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