[webkit-qt] Add custom event into Webkit .

Tony Zhang tony.zhang at completetv.com
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I have ported webkit-r42075 before and we have add our own JavaScriptAPIs and event listener event successfully.


But when I port to latest versions like WebKit-r69728, there is a big change on the code.


JavaScriptAPI should be the same and it works now. But the event listeners still have problem.




JavaScriptAPIs are for box's low API.


JS Event listeners are for box’s lower callbacks. For example, our player will need to notify some statuss to JS, we need to find the way let the JS accept this status message.


Best Regards,

Tony Zhang

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It's hard to answer such a general question. Could you give any detail?
Who is the event sender? Who is the event receiver? What's the event? ...



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I want to add my own customer event into webkit/qt, can anyone provide me some information on this topic?




Best Regards,

Tony Zhang

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