[webkit-qt] Painter not active

Koskinen Janne Janne.P.Koskinen at digia.com
Fri Nov 5 00:55:09 PDT 2010

>This is a useless log.
>What you should do is:
>(1) Find out the code in your Qt tree which spits the error message.
>Hint: it's all in qpainter.cpp.
>(2) Set a breakpoint there.
>(3) Launch again your application.
>Now when the problem occurs, you'll have a way way more useful 
>stack trace.

I agree on the uselessness but...
>>QPainter::begin: Paint device returned engine == 0, type: 2

This would indicated out of memory situation. You said it runs for 18h straight.. I would check how much memory you end up consuming in that time. A severe leak would do this.


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