[webkit-qt] Implementing my cache- control flow

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Tarandeep, Benjamin,

You can reduce your client's chattiness with the server if you also set the QNetworkRequest::PreferCache flag on outbound HTTP requests: 

request2.setAttribute(QNetworkRequest::CacheLoadControlAttribute, QNetworkRequest::PreferCache);

The default is PreferNetwork, which means that even though the content was originally sent with an "expires" head, the cache will still check with the server if it has a newer copy. This is bad for performance, but good for correctness. 




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>All of the html caching is done outside of webkit and in the QNetwork
>classes.  Referring to the docs for the QNetworkCache interface is best.
>What you have it about correct, often times even if the cache is ok it
>will update headers if I remember.
>-Benjamin Meyer
>On Apr 13, 2010, at 2:25 PM, Tarandeep Singh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to implement a Database cache for webkit for my project.
>> someone please confirm if this control flow is correct-
>> 1) For a given url, webkit will get its metadata by calling the
>>     QNetworkCacheMetaData metaData( Url)
>> 2) webkit will check the last modified date, expiration date stored in
>> metadata and if these dates are fine (compared to the actual dates
>found on
>> the site) then it will get the data by calling the function-
>>     QIODevice * data( Url)
>> 3) else it will get the file from network and then store in cache by
>> calling prepare( ) and then insert( )
>> -Tarandeep
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