[webkit-qt] Need a fulltime job for qtwebkit development

sunny shah sunny.cpp at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 06:55:37 PDT 2010

Hi QtWebkit Friends,

I am really interested in working full-time QtWebkit  and optimizing Qt
library for ARM processors. Can you help me to find full time job for this

I am currently at Mumbai, India. I don't have any problem with relocation.

Here is my profile in short, You can find more in my attached resume.

Since last 2.5 years I am working with Embedded Linux Systems, I have made
some Interesting projects in it,

- High Performance Flash Player for ARM Embedded Systems ( Made in fixed
point to run on devices with out FPU).
- Made Application Development Framework on Microwindows ( a small embedded
system windowing system), I scrapped this code after Qt got LGPL, My library
was better in terms of performance, but was not as flexible as qt.
- Video Player with FFMpeg,
- WebBrowser With QtWebkit and Many others embedded projects.

I have my resume at below link( HTML version ), My projects are really
interesting, Please have a look at it.

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